I haven’t made my own granola in a very long time. I admit, granola used to be a health food/vegetarian thing that I occasionally took the time to prepare, but eventually tired of that trend. Now, since we have our opportunity to take the time again, I’m ready to enjoy it again.

After reading the short homage to “formidable chef, journalist, and cookbook author” Molly O’Neill, in the Fall 2020 issue of Saveur, I knew it would be easy for me to assemble her “LongHouse Granola.” And yes, this recipe makes a whopping 3 lbs. of the stuff. But hey, it will last for 3 months, so we’re OK.

It’s easy to assemble the nuts and oats and spices. Thanks to the whole stick of butter in the mix, you’ll smell that buttery sweetness as you stir it all together. Setting the bowl of mixed ingredients aside to absorb each other, I do look forward to “stirring occasionally,” again for that great fragrance.

Once in the oven, stirring and rotating is smart to ensure not burning your edges. As the recipe warns us against “scorching” our granola, I make sure to remove the baking sheet from the oven after 33 minutes, when “toasted and golden.”

After putting the cooled clumps in a big bowl, I dive in with my hands to add the coconut chips and raisins.

And here we have it. Clumps of nutty oat granola. Sticky, sweet, spiced, rich. You can do this.