Thanks to my recent purchase of a deep pie plate (and thanks to the extra sour cream in my fridge!) I’ve baked a lovely apple pie, with a homemade pie crust. A crowd-pleasing pie. Simple and filled modestly with apple slices.

My pie crust was inspired by the how-to recipe from White on Rice Couple. I halved this recipe for the crust, since I needed only a single crust (a single “dough disk”).

For the crust, I mixed in the full ¼ cup of cold water, to get a “rough ball.” I wrapped my dough disk in plastic, and refrigerated it for three hours.

Two peeled and sliced honeycrisp apples = three cups. I’ve said this in the past: unlike preparing a cake, a pie assembly requires no electric mixer. It’s all by hand and it’s nice for a change.

After baking, bring your nose to this pie and smell the cinnamon. Mixed with cooked apples, that’s the warmth we get from a good apple pie.