Again, I travel this road, but with no apologies and no regrets. Coffee cake with nuts, such as the “Maple Walnut Coffee Cake,” is a standard winter treat in my cake history.

Remember one of our standard rules of cake baking: bring your cool ingredients to room temperature, before assembling your cake. Butter, eggs, sour cream. The cake batter is thick (but not unworkable).

The maple filling provides its distinct maple scent. Maple syrup is pourable, unlike honey or corn syrup. The chopped walnuts make the filling thick, too.

Have fun with your bundt pan, here. Take your time, layering the batter, then the filling, then the batter, then the filling. Drop dollops and smooth them with the back of a tablespoon. Your reward will be a streak of maple and walnuts through the middle of your cake.

Bake for 50 minutes, until the “tester comes out clean.”

Coffee cake. Enjoy the taste, the texture. It’s time.