This is always nice: a pie’s crust is baked, but the rest of it is not. I can’t ignore the “Pumpkin Icebox Pie,” from the Fall/Winter issue of Joy the Baker magazine. It looks so tempting, yet is an easy operation, in my 9-inch pie pan.

For the “Cookie Crumb Crust,” in my food processor, I grind Chips Ahoy cookies (really!) into a fine grain, with sugar and butter. Bake this crust for 11:30, until it’s firm and brown.

Though not baked, the pie filling needs to heat and reduce in a saucepan. Brown sugar, canned pumpkin, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, grated nutmeg, and salt.

Room-temperature cream cheese is blended with the pumpkin mix. Now, since my blender is messed with the pumpkin mix, I whip 1½ cups of heavy cream with my immersion blender. What a good trick! I can then fold my whipped cream into the rest of the batter.

After refrigerating overnight, we have a pie filled with this soft, pumpkin pudding. Taste pumpkin, clearly. I sprinkle my slice of pie with cookie crumbs.