I admit…the recipe for “Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cookies,” from Bake or Break, appeals to me by mentioning cheesecake in the recipe. Wow. How is this possible? It turns out, I do not get the joke right away.

I halve the recipe to make 24 cookies. Chopped Oreos, as we know, appear crumbled in so many dessert recipes. So much so, there’s a danger of being a bit excessive and boring. But again, here’s this cheesecake thing.

Assembling the sticky dough tells me what I overlook all along: we’re talking about cream cheese here! Not “cheesecake!” And I will acknowledge the “cakey” aspect -- soft and sweet and addictive. Once we get beyond the wording, we enjoy a great cookie (I’m so embarrassed.)

The Oreo crumbs make the sticky dough easier to handle. I bake one tray at a time, while the other tray of cookies waits in the fridge. Get lightly brown edges after baking for 14 minutes (remember, these cookies won’t turn totally brown). Soft in the center, is what does the trick.

So here I am, with a perfectly textured cookie -- try to stop eating them. And cheesecake? Well, of course not.