Softened sweet apples, in pillowy pastry, with sugary tops. I can’t avoid the recipe for “Fried Apple Pies,” from Jernej Kitchen. With all of their beauty, they involve puff pastry. Remember, we cannot make excuses if puff pastry is involved (it’s too easy!). Now, let’s not fear the deep-frying challenge. It’s a simple task, here.

I take the time to weigh my apple cubes: 250 g = 8.86 oz. This turns out to be two Honeycrisp apples. Simmering the small, spiced apple cubes rewards us with the warm scent of apple pie. My apples are softened “a little bit” in 6 minutes.

Roll and cut the chilled pastry in order to have 12 rectangles. Cover six of the rectangles with your softened apples (I have ½ cup of leftover apples), then top these with the six blank rectangles. Seal the edges with fork tines.

The key here is making sure the cooked apples and the assembled pastry are ice cold, or else the pies will be too soft and will melt when fried. So, do freeze the six assembled pies for 20 minutes before frying.

Now for the frying! I fill a 9-inch-wide, deep pot with 32 oz. of canola oil. This gives me 1 inch of oil at the bottom. The oil quickly reaches 350 degrees F. Fry two pies at a time, for more or less 3 minutes, until the pies are “golden brown.” Marvel at the puffed pies -- your victory. The final roll in cinnamon sugar makes these exhilarating.

All of this is fantastic. Eat all of them at once.