I’ve done this before: accepting the temptation of including mashed potatoes in my bread dough.

The “Rosemary Pecorino Potato Bread,” from Simply Delicious, says everything in its name. Rosemary is the evergreen fragrant herb. Pecorino is the hard, salty, Italian, sheep’s milk cheese. Mashed potatoes, enough said. And, bread, bread, bread. Yeast and a Dutch oven. Let’s go.

Boil the potatoes with some rosemary and enjoy that scent. The recipe vaguely asks for 2 medium potatoes. How much is that? I use 2 russets. Is this too much? Is this too little? We would benefit from a specific weight detail.

Be thrifty and use some potato water in the batter. I need to add more flour to my very wet/sticky batter.

After an hour, my dough REALLY RISES, like three times its original size. However, it’s still too wet to form into a ball. Put the wet lump in a parchment paper-lined Dutch oven and smell that rosemary as the bread bakes.

Obviously, with our loaf baking in this deep pan, we cannot “tap at the bottom” to check if it sounds hollow and fully baked. This wet, deep batter needs to brown all over and cook until it’s fluffy throughout.

So, err on the side of baking too long. There is no harm in baking for more than 65 minutes.

Always, we love the bread that we bake ourselves.