The iambic pentameter. That’s what attracts me to this recipe: goo•ey choco•late oat•meal bars. But, that’s not all. Half-Baked Harvest gives me the chance to mix oats and chocolate chips and a soft caramel. The crumbly batter is the color of peanut butter.

Any caramel formula involves heating and stirring butter and sugar(s), until a distinct golden thickness is achieved. Typically, the science of caramel requires a candy thermometer and a dangerously sputtering mass in the pot. However, our process here rewards us with much less anxiety.

Make no mistakes -- this caramel IS INDEED STICKY. After the caramel production, do soak your pot in super-hot water, or else you’ll be left with quite a cleaning challenge.

After baking for 10 minutes, then pouring on the caramel, we crumble the remaining dough on top, which is an ideal hands-on technique. After the crumbling, I bake for another 23 minutes.

Finally, the flavor leaves me breathless. My first bite is softer and sweeter than a chocolate chip cookie. Smell the hint of maple syrup in the caramel.

Let’s thank the oatmeal and chocolate chips for the texture. And thank the caramel center for the sweet, soft “goo.”

Can I eat all 12 bars at once? I sure hope so.