Everyone in the world wants to cook chicken thighs. The recipes are constant. Our appetites cannot be vanquished. And the reasons are clear: no one can mess up a chicken-thigh recipe. We’ll always get a moist, tasty, appealing piece of chicken, regardless of how amateur we are in the kitchen.

So, here’s my latest victory, inspired by the “Roasted Chicken Thighs with Cauliflower,” from The New York Times.

In a big bowl, swirl the chicken pieces in the oily spices (coriander, smoked paprika, red-pepper flakes, salt, pepper, olive oil). Place those thighs on a baking sheet, then swirl the cauliflower and shallots in that same oily bowl. That’s it.

I bake for an hour, to achieve “deep golden brown” food. Rewards = juicy chicken; softened, charred cauliflower; sweet, melted shallots. Drizzle the juice from half a lemon over the whole, cooked pan.

Browned, crispy chicken skin is always a crowd-pleaser (have I said this before?).

Rather than preparing a yogurt sauce to accompany this meal, as the original recipe suggests, I am happy with plain sour cream on the side.

And so shall we add this recipe to the billions that we already have. Chicken thighs.