Should I do this? This is what I wonder when I find the “Whole-Orange Snack Cake” in a recent issue of The New York Times. My doubt switches to motivation, however, as I accept the dare: include a whole orange and its rind in my cake. Really.

The recipe asks us to use a whole “small navel orange,” and approximates that to weigh about 9 oz. A food processor is the right tool to mix the orange chunks and the ¼ cup of milk, until they’re the texture of applesauce. It’s one generous cup of orange-colored sauce.

Butter and sugar are “light and fluffy” after 5 minutes in my stand mixer.

After baking for 35 minutes, then cooling completely, I get clever and cut the cake in half, in order to stack the two rectangles as a layer cake, with some of the orange glaze between.

I’m glad to make a glaze that includes a modest amount of sugar. Here, we use only ¾ cup. And now, I zest and juice a second orange for this simple glaze.

Taste sweet orange (and sweet orange glaze) in this moist, “easy snacking cake.” The pureed orange sauce has disappeared -- we do not see it in the final cake. Rather, we get the flavor: that wonderfully sweet orange. Yes, the whole thing.