A “quiet cake” is one that makes no noise. Yes, we blend this one quietly, in a bowl, without using a loud mixer. It’s nice for a change (prep this early in the morning and wake no one).

I’ve come across the recipe for “Raspberry Ricotta Bundt Cake,” from Cloudy Kitchen. See the combo: ricotta and buttermilk and almond meal and raspberries. Nice.

Before we talk about this fluffy cake, allow me to convert the recipe’s metric system to quantity measurements:

Sugar = 1¾ cups
Ricotta = 1½ cups
Oil = ½ cup
Butter = 6 Tbsp. + 1 tsp.
Buttermilk = 1 cup
Flour = 3½ cups
Almond meal = ¾ cup
Raspberries = 2¼ cups

Now, we have no reason to ignore this cake. It’s easy.




Once again, be calmed and rewarded when zesting a fragrant lemon. And, always be gentle with fragile raspberries.

I bake my cake for 70 minutes, and see my cake bake tall. After cooling completely, have fun with some sweet raspberry dust.

Let’s taste this. The first bite gives us the lemony zest. Then, the tangy/tart raspberries. The glorious texture seals the deal. Such a soft cake! Enticing. Appealingly fluffy, the softness keeps me eating, bite after bite.

Find your bundt pan and start baking.