Berries and pretzels are often paired in desserts, perhaps due to the alluring combo of sweet and salty. Here I go with another. The “Strawberry Pretzel Pie,” by Jerrelle Guy in a recent issue of the New York Times, pulled me in yet again.

One pound of strawberries. Need I say more? Do I need any more of an excuse to do this? Well, no, I do not.

Mix the crust ingredients (a whole lot of butter) until “soft and cohesive.” Yes, smell the pretzels as the finely ground crumbs are blended in.

I bake the crust for 12 minutes until “slightly puffed and deep golden.”

The “billowy” cream cheese and sugar and heavy cream whips into a thickly spreadable filling.

Assemble and refrigerate the pie, or freeze it in an attempt to make this sliceable. Regardless of my efforts, the integrity of my pie crust is lost. I scoop a sample onto my plate, and see the firm cream quickly melt. The crust has become a shaggy mess of crumbs.

HOWEVER, let us recognize the benefits of this experience: strawberries and cream are wonderful together. And then, sprinkle them with the sandy crumbs of the crust, to enjoy the full experience.

A bit of salt (pretzels), a lot of sweet, a lot of creaminess. We win, after all.