Hear “Rice Krispie Treat” and you will surely envision the firm block of crunchy cereal cemented with butter and marshmallow. Why should I bother highlighting such a non-recipe? Well, here’s a recent “sophisticated version” of “Rice Krispies Treats with Chocolate and Pretzels,” from The New York Times.

Allow me to say, it’s true. Salted butter and salty pretzels and a sea-salt sprinkle are alluring when mixed here with sweet marshmallow and chocolate.

The “smeared chocolate bits” make this a real party. All of this melted chocolate is too sticky to cut at room temperature, so we dispel yet another stereotype with this treat. We are not, after all, slicing a hard block.

We have a sticky, chocolatey, salty, crunch. And that’s fine with me. Eat all of it.