Instead of being intimidated and stressed by the rigors of making and baking a pie (the latticed crust! the diced fruit!), we turn to a galette. It’s more relaxing, while rewarding and fun. The recipe from Simply Delicious reminds us to take it easy for summertime.

Good old puff pastry. We thaw and roll and fill without any shame. And blueberries need no fussing. Here, we mix the berries with sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and cornstarch. We produce the necessary amount of lemon juice by squeezing half a lemon.

It’s the lemon we smell when the galette bakes, for 50 minutes, until “golden brown and crisp.”

Finally -- and simply -- the galette is beautiful. Puff pastry, remember, is not pie crust, so keep this in mind when you bite into this softer texture.

The blueberries taste tangy and tart. The ice cream option seals the deal.