Here we go: “No-Churn.” That’s right. Another summertime recipe shortcut.

All this time, I’ve resisted purchasing an ice cream maker. Of course, the initial thrills of summer always tempt me to buy one, but I invariably gather my wits and refrain from the indulgence.

See the recipe for “No Churn Strawberry Oreo Ice Cream,” from How Sweet Eats. What’s not to love?

Simmer the strawberries until “saucy and juicy,” after therapeutically chopping them. The fresh strawberries smell jammy after cooking for 10 minutes.

I pulse my Oreos in the food processor, simply because I don’t want to scar my rolling pin with cookie slams. Also, I can’t break nice cookie bits with my hands.

After freezing the mix for eight hours, I have a surprisingly creamy and fruity ice cream. Neat. I’m proud of this one. Enjoy (without an ice cream maker!).