In our world of food blogs, recipes for s’mores are abundant in summertime. We know this. One recipe after another, requiring a campfire or a broiler or immediate consumption. Well, I’ve waited for the right one for me: the “S’mores Cookies,” from Salt & Baker.

This recipe is easy to halve, which I’ve done in order to make 15 cookies. In my humid kitchen, I wait to break my graham cracker sheets and chocolate bar until the last minute, so they do not get soft and melty.

Note: a room-temperature egg is always easier to crack, with no shell bits.

After rolling, I place and press my dough balls into disks on the baking sheet, but do not immediately place them on the graham cracker squares. You see, I’m afraid the dough has become too sticky and warm in this kitchen. So, I place the sheet of pressed dough in the freezer for 10 minutes (smart!), while my oven heats.

I bake for ~11 minutes, “until the edges are golden brown.”

Wow. These taste like a decadent chocolate bar. A soft cookie. Drool. So who needs a campfire?