Pad See Ew is a Thai stir-fried noodle dish: simple recipe = fantastic flavor. I found this recipe in 101 Easy Asian Recipes, published by Lucky Peach in 2015. I doubled the recipe in order to make four servings, but I did cook one batch at a time, so I wouldn’t have a big, soggy, gloopy mess in the wok. Broccolini was my perfect sub for the Chinese broccoli. And I cooked dried rice noodles, rather than the fresh stuff.

Here’s how I easily cooked two batches. Just set up a bowl of double the chicken with double the oyster sauce. In another bowl, stir together the doubled soy sauce and rice vinegar and sugar. Double the garlic and the broccolini in another bowl. Beat two eggs in one bowl and two eggs in another bowl. So now, you can cook the recipe twice, by grabbing fistfuls and eyeballing “half.” Or pouring half. Get it?

Take a flavor flash to Thailand. The formula to get there is: oyster sauce + soy sauce + rice vinegar + sugar. That sweet and saucy tang. Coat your mouth with the sauced noodles. Eat smoothed chicken, crispy broccolini, and scrambled egg snippets.

Surprise yourself with this one.