Once upon a Christmas, I indulged in a Springerle rolling pin, in order to make the unique Springerle cookies. At the time, I had no knowledge of -- and no history with -- this cookie. Simply, Springerle is a type of German cookie with an embossed design made by pressing a mold onto rolled dough and allowing the impression to dry before baking. This preserves the detail of the surface pattern. These cookies are most commonly made during the Christmas season and for New Year’s.

Here’s the unique Springerle rolling pin.

I was wary of drying the cookies overnight before baking them. That’s overnight at room temperature. But, sure enough, I then had a cookie dry enough to “jump up” when baked (“Springerle” translates from German as “little jumpers”). Bake the cookies for only 13:30 minutes, and do not let them color. These cookies must remain pale.



My first bite reminds me of Christmas spice. The scent of anise ultimately brings to mind the flavor of licorice.

The cookie is soft enough in the center, and firm enough outside. Dunk it in your coffee to enjoy the full effect.

A unique prep method makes a simple cookie. Springerle will surprise and satisfy.

Tale and techniques inspired by words written two years ago by The Daring Gourmet.