What a ridiculous idea. A ridiculous recipe. How can I resist? I mean, I do love Butterfingers. They’re my favorite chocolate bar. Here’s a cupcake piled high with a sweet, peanut-buttery frosting, coated with crushed Butterfingers. Wow.

Nothing’s difficult here. Just pace your three steps:
1. Batter
2. Ganache
3. Frosting

I found this recipe posted by The Slow-Roasted Italian. Mix the batter by hand, with a whisk, rather than in a mixer. The instruction to fill each liner with a ¼ cup of batter is right on. Bake for 20 minutes. I do love the scent of chocolate as it bakes.

A large pastry tip serves to core the cupcakes. I use most of the luscious ganache to fill my 12 cupcakes. For the frosting, I do use my mixer, adding 3 Tbsp. of milk to make it light and fluffy. The frosting looks like butter. There’s more than enough frosting here. After generously frosting the tops of my cupcakes, I still have one cup leftover.

Now, the Butterfinger crumbs. Crush 2½ Butterfingers to have enough to cover the tops of these frosted cupcakes. I roll the top of each frosted cupcake in a bowl full of the crumbs. This does the trick.

Hold your breath when you bite into this cupcake. Creamy, chocolate ganache flows from the center. Sweet peanut butter frosting is piled high. Then, Butterfinger crumbs. It’s what we came here for.

Enjoy them chilled, so the frosting and ganache firm up. Win, win.