Candy? Well, not really. I consider candy-making to involve a candy thermometer and the combined, stressful sciences of temperature, texture, and agitation. So, let’s be truthful. These “Chocolate Caramel Candies” are (simply) melted chocolate with caramel and pecans and krispies. I won’t even make my own caramel here -- just melt the store-bought stuff.

In a double boiler (rather than a microwave) I melt the chocolate with the shortening. This combination makes a smooth melted chocolate that will evenly coat our candies.

It’s such a reward to coat these little mounds of firm stickiness. And how do they taste?

Imagine a Snickers bar. That’s right. You’ll delight and drool and want to eat the whole pile of these candies.

I want to eat all of them. Everybody wants to eat all of them.