Here we go. Cookbook number nine, by my count, from Yotam Ottolenghi. Shelf Love is the first in a new series of cookbooks from the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen (OTK).

To sum up the pitch of this book, the press release says, “This book is all about feeding ourselves and our families with less stress and less fuss, but with all the ‘wow’ of an Ottolenghi meal.”

It’s a niche that certainly works well right now. Allow me to showcase some meals from this book in the coming weeks.

First, the “One-Pan Crispy Spaghetti and Chicken.” For me, it’s hard to resist these “one-pan” recipes. And that, of course, is the idea.

I get to use my 10-inch-wide, 3½-inch-deep, lidded cast-iron pan (hooray!). This allows me the space to sauté and stir what is sometimes a difficult-to-manage blend of ingredients.

Lots of chicken fat loosens everything in the pan. Sure enough, the tomato paste swirls right in. After adding ½ cup + 2 Tbsp. of water, most of the liquid is reduced after 12 minutes of cooking.

Breaking the dry spaghetti strands into thirds helps make the stirring less challenging. It’s not such an unruly mass, after all. It’s only a somewhat messy mix.

For the breadcrumb assembly, I use tarragon instead of thyme. Keep in mind: a single lemon gives us only 1 tsp. of zest.

After removing the lid from my baked pan, the sprinkled breadcrumbs become “nicely browned and crisp” without using the broiler.

Thanks to the tangled food, the final presentation has its crispy bits on top. Our meal is tomatoey, but not saucy. The crispness is cute, but is it an unnecessary stunt? The final chicken is delicious and moist. The “one-pan” is a big winner.