I do like the distinct smell and taste of ground hazelnuts in a cookie. And to heighten my pleasure, I’m reaching for Nutella again…

Here’s a cookie that looks quite special, but is not difficult to put together. Don’t be afraid.

When we cream the butter with the sugar -- as we often do as a first step in baking -- you see we’re using fluffy confectioners’ sugar, rather than the regular white stuff. Interesting. We’ll produce a somewhat fragile, soft dough here. When I mix and knead it, I can smell the little bit of rum and see the flecks of finely ground hazelnuts.

I wrap my disk of dough and refrigerate it overnight.

Try using a drinking glass to cut the circle cookie shapes from the thinly rolled dough. A bigger shape = a bigger cookie (of course!). A 2½-inch drinking glass will make 8 sandwiches; a 1½-inch shot glass will give you 16 sandwiches. Get it?

Once you spread the Nutella and sandwich your cookies, you’ll taste some kind of wonderful. Crispy cookie + hazelnuts + sweet hazelnut chocolate Nutella. Definitely.