It’s a centuries-old, Roman-Jewish specialty that doesn’t need a recipe. “Quanto basta” means, “as much as you like; as much as you need.” This is what we have here: an Italian, hands-on appetizer that’s a guaranteed winner at the table, simply because it’s always been.

So, consider the recipe below as merely a guideline; it’s to help you envision what you want in the end. Fried zucchini rounds marinated in white wine vinegar, along with some garlic and basil.

A full bowl of raw zucchini will reduce in volume by more than half once it’s fried.

Some lessons and observations:
• Deep-fry with patience. Always take the oil’s temperature before and after each batch.
• A 7½-inch pot fits 40 fl. oz. of oil, 2 inches deep. I fried seven batches with this amount of zucchini.