The premise here is to riff on the concept of a “tres leches” cake, by making a cake with five milks instead of three. It is a tasty and memorable exercise.

No need to be intimidated. Follow the order of directions in the recipe below and you will successfully bake and assemble this cake.

Spiced with only cinnamon, vanilla, and rum, the cake is saturated and topped with various milks. And of course, let’s not ignore the butter and flour and sugar and eggs.

You’ll prepare two separate milk mixtures. The “cooled milk mixture” is the milk + melted butter + vanilla, which will be added to the cake batter.

The “milk soak” is the condensed milk + evaporated milk + heavy cream + vanilla + rum, heated on the stove top, to be poured over the baked cake.

I heat these two different mixtures in their own pans on the stove top, rather than in a microwave as the original recipe instructs.

Speaking of instructions…the recipe asks to refrigerate the baked cake uncovered overnight. Well, that’s quite a challenge. I put the big baking dish on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, with a baking rack on top, and a sheet of parchment paper on top of that.

Remove the cake from the refrigerator the next day, and the surface is wet.


The topping is mixed at medium speed, producing peaks in 1½ minutes. I like how there’s only 3 Tbsp. of sugar in the topping.

Enjoy abstract piping, because there’s no way to “spread” this topping. The cake top is too liquefied. The soft topping tastes milky. We cannot ignore the cinnamon dust.

This cake is actually a soaked sponge. There are no cake crumbs. The texture is like rice pudding.

I prefer the cake after another day of refrigeration. It’s more cohesive to slice. It then bites like a cake, rather than a pudding.

This is a “cake” to eat with a spoon.

I made this big sheet cake, knowing it would take up too much space in my refrigerator and would be too much cake to eat.


I considered halving the recipe, but mathematically, that would have been ridiculous. The recipe includes full cans and cups of the milks, so I would have been foolish to try to halve all of those.

Luckily, we ate slices every day for a week, until all of it was gone. Cake quality never suffered.

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