A weird recipe is an interesting recipe. Here’s a peanut butter cookie that includes miso and chile crisp. This is perfect timing for me, because I’m a recent chile crisp fanatic.

Chile crisp smells like … pepperoni? It does not smell spicy. It tastes crispy, oily, earthy. The delayed heat hits the back of your throat.

Here’s a flourless cookie that relies on peanut butter for its structure and chile crisp for its pop.

This cookie dough makes 24 balls. After refrigerating overnight, roll each dough ball in sugar, then flatten with the palm of your hand.

Smell peanut butter as these cookies bake. Bake for 12½ minutes. See soft, cracked tops.

The cookies taste sweet and distinctly spicy.

The first flavor will catch you off guard. It’s too weird, too spicy. But the second taste is intriguing. I’m curious. Do I like this? Why yes, I like it (now that I know what this is).









Get an initial “pop” of flavor.

Lingering heat and soft enough to be somewhat crumbly.

Are you intrigued? I bet you are…