Of course, I’ve baked cheesecakes before. Always served cold, a creamy, cheesy bite of cheesecake tastes like no other piece of cake. I hear “cheesecake” and I immediately know it and want it. The allure of this particular recipe feeds more of the same obsession.

First, let’s admit that graham cracker crumbs so often play an indispensable role in pie crusts. All bakers know and love graham cracker crumbs, without any sort of shame.



Here, we mix the crumbs and melted butter until they become a sandy mass. This amount will fill the bottoms and sides of 12 muffin cups. We’ll also have extra crumbs for garnishing at the end.





See how this cake includes no flour. Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, lemon juice, lemon zest, and sour cream are smooth and thoroughly combined after mixing for 2 minutes.





The egg and egg yolk barely make the batter yellow and glossy.





The muffins are set with a slight jiggle after baking for 18 minutes.

After refrigerating the baked muffins overnight, the cake structure is not fragile. While not a sweet cake by any means, the lemon juice and zest add a slight counterpoint to the creamy cheesecake.


Eat one muffin in four bites. It makes me want a whole, full cheesecake.

Creamy, cheesy, perfect. Smooth and yes, lemony.