Zesting three fat oranges is the most strenuous detail of the assembly of a “Creamsicle Pie.” A “freezer pie” needs no baking.

I say “creamsicle” and what do you see? What do you taste? Not quite ice cream, but cool, pleasant, sweet, creamy and orange.





First, you heat and whisk the gelatinous, orange mixture. Then, you stream this warmed gel into a bowl of egg, egg yolk, and cream. Does the warm gel “cook” the raw eggs? It smells like it might. It’s close to a scrambled-egg scent.




While the first layer of pie sets in the freezer, whip the remaining 1½ cups of heavy cream in a stand mixer. Then, folding all the zest into the whipped cream, along with the remaining gelatinous custard, lends a strong orange scent and flavor.




The frozen cream does taste like ice cream. A full slice tastes like soft ice cream.

Orange ice cream?

This pie will wait in the freezer for each slice.

A few minutes at room temperature makes a slice soft and spoonable.