Ready, set, dough.

See the recipe for “Peanut Butter Babka Buns,” from Food Lust People Love, and be as tempted to bake them as I am. I’ve been reading this blogger’s posts for a long time now, and I always appreciate the step-by-step photos that are reliably included. I admit that these instructional photos are what convinced me that yes, I can bake these.

Use six large muffin tins for this project. I weigh the ingredients (rather than measuring them in cups), because the art of baking is a science when it comes to success.

Mix the dough together in the stand mixer until it’s “smooth, shiny, and satiny.” Keep this sticky dough in the mixer’s bowl, put the bowl aside, cover it with plastic, and let it rise for about 2 hours. Easy.

After the dough has risen, I weigh equal portions of the dough and of the peanut butter filling. I weigh six balls of each. This way, there’s no stress, no tension, no “eyeballing.”

When I put the six soft and pillowy dough balls on a plate under a damp towel, they continue to puff up and rise.

The dough balls feel soft and airy in my hand, but it is not too fragile. The dough rolls thin and does not tear. And, I get to enjoy that yeasty scent of the raw dough.

After rolling the logs (again, see the excellent instructional photos in Food Lust People Love), I put the the logs in the freezer. This way, they are easy to cut through with a scissor. Get it? The dough logs in the freezer are no longer soft or billowy. It’s easy to twist the freezer log. I am not struggling with soft dough.

The twisted rolls rise in the muffin pan for one hour.




Bake until lightly golden brown for 17 minutes.

Start to smell the peanut butter while they bake.

Cool for 5 minutes.


While these mini babkas look like sweet muffins, you will not get that sweetness with your first bite. Appreciate the bread with the second bite. Then, taste peanut butter in the third bite. The total tasting experience will make you want to eat more.