Every summer needs an ice cream cake. Yes? The “Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream Cake,” from Sprinkle Bakes is a tempting, playful recipe, if only because it’s more than just layered ice cream.

Here, our layers are a soft yellow cake at the bottom, then strawberry ice cream, then whipped cream, then crushed cookies with freeze-dried strawberries. Can you picture it? The flavor is supposed to evoke a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. I remember the ice cream man.

You’ll need to allocate two days for the assembly of this cake. Patience, but no real stress. Take your time. Three different cooling/freezing steps are necessary.

First, bake a nice, big, yellow cake for 22 minutes in a 9x13-inch pan. Once baked, let it cool completely. I’ll call this COOL STEP #1.

Soften four pints of strawberry ice cream. On a hot summer day as it is, the ice cream softens quickly. It’s so smart to blend the softened ice cream in the mixer. This way, it becomes a smooth spreadable mixture, but not too thin.

After the ice cream spreading, we have FREEZE STEP #2. I give it three hours.




Next, I spread a 7 oz. can of whipped cream over the top of the frozen ice cream.




FREEZE STEP #3: overnight in the freezer.

Next day, let’s eat it! Easy to slice, this cake is not a hard brick. With your first bite, you get it all as you bite down. Crispy, creamy, cakey.





The cake layer at the bottom tastes fresh and soft, without being crumbly.

The layers of ice cream and whipped cream taste like cool strawberry.

And the strawberry crumble on top retains its crispness throughout the whole experience. The top does not get soggy.

You can imagine this cake. You can make this cake.