Egg rolls are certainly a coveted food from our Chinese restaurants. Uniquely rolled and crunchy and filled with shredded veggies and taken for granted. Admit it, why try to make your own egg rolls when they are so great and quickly delivered from takeout?

Here’s a test, a challenge. Close your eyes and see an egg roll. This is what I want to make for myself.









Set aside a lot of time to prep, cook, and assemble the ingredients. And then you’ll need to allow time to deep fry. It’s a project. A whole afternoon? Do not rush this.

I’m quite surprised at the sweet and sour sauce: four ingredients + the cornstarch slurry to thicken. The sauce tastes perfect. It’s better than the stuff in the little plastic packets.

Next is the painstaking process of shredding and chopping the various vegetables. Once you slice all of this stuff, you need to set aside different combinations, as they would need to be added to the sauté pan to soften. Scallions and garlic; cabbage, bean sprouts, and carrots; bamboo shoots and mushrooms. Patiently see all of this wilt in the pan.



The filling and rolling is fun. Stay calm and feel like an artist. Tightly filled rolls are compact, firm and ready to fry.





The oil in the deep pot needs to be hot enough to fry. Test the temperature of the oil by adding a small bit of a chopped vegetable. Does it spit and sputter and float on top? Well, that sounds like the oil is hot enough.








Frying the rolls is a relatively quick procedure. Lift a roll out of the oil and see what you’ve done. It’s an egg roll! Oh, wow. They look great and taste great. Again, close your eyes and see an egg roll. It’s yours.