Do you like Butterfinger chocolate bars? I do. And I’ve already confessed my love of this chocolate bar. Here, we have enough of the flavor and the texture to get nostalgic about those bars. We can easily assemble 16 bites of these chocolate-covered delights.











After refrigerating the pan of blended and pressed maple syrup, peanut butter, and cereal, you’ll turn out a firmed block. Cut this large block into 16 mini blocks.


Work quick enough to crudely coat each disc in the warmed chocolate, using two forks, until fully coated.






Understandably, these cold peanut butter discs will begin to soften in the warm chocolate. Little decorative dollops of melted white chocolate are optional.

Keep the tray of finished chocolate squares in the freezer, or your chocolate will melt on a hot summer day.


Imagine the chilled pleasure of eating your chocolate bars. Bite through the intensely rich chocolate, into the crispy peanut butter.