CATEGORY: Chocolate
Hotel Cookies (Copycat Doubletree Cookies)

Hotel Cookies (Copycat Doubletree Cookies)

Serious and fun at the same time.
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Exhilaratingly satisfying. Oh, yes.
Chocolate Pretzels with Sea Salt

Chocolate Pretzels with Sea Salt

A ridiculous stunt of a recipe that says, "Look what I can do. I'm so clever."
Gooey Crispy Ritz S'mores Bars

Gooey Crispy Ritz S’mores Bars

They taste like a candy bar. That's right!
Reese's Stuffed Oreos

Reese’s Stuffed Oreos

How ridiculous, I thought, when I first saw and dismissed the recipe for “Reese’s Stuffed Oreos,” on Cookies and Cups. Look at that blogger’s site and you’ll see recipe after recipe of outrageous combinations of sugar and frosting and candy. And this particular recipe wouldn’t leave my head. I kept turning around and looking back....

Shrimp Asopao and Tofu Chocolate Pudding

I was enticed by the notion of a hearty shrimp soup, with this recipe from, and was pleased with my tasty and beautiful result. The rice was perfect. This is a soup you should make for a crowd. I prepared a version to yield 4 servings. First, let’s address this “adobo seasoning.” A site...