Cookies 2016, part 3

Cookies 2016, part 3

My final blast of cookies for 2016.
Cookies 2016, some more

Cookies 2016, some more

Enjoy some more cookies with me.
Cookies 2016, thus far

Cookies 2016, thus far

Welcome to cookie time! I've increased my output this year, making 21 different cookies. It's a CamilleCooks record. Come celebrate with me.
Cookies 2013, continued

Cookies 2013, continued

Happy new year, with more cookies.
Cookies 2013, thus far

Cookies 2013, thus far

Ready for cookies, 2013!
Cookies 2012, continued

Cookies 2012, continued

Allow cookies to empower us and lead us to good things in 2013.
Cookies 2012, thus far

Cookies 2012, thus far

I am swirling in a cloud of powdered-sugar dust, my hands covered with butter and sugar and eggs.
Hurricane Halloween!

Hurricane Halloween!

These cookies are sweet and horrible, in the best of possible ways.