It’s been a long time since Dave and I stayed at a DoubleTree Hotel, but the cookies will forever stick in our heads. We reminisce about finding a big warm cookie atop our bed pillows in the freshly made hotel room. What fun! And so what if they’re a big fat gimmick. They taste great!

Those memories easily prompted me to bake the copycat “Hotel Cookies,” from Bake at 350. Get ready for yet another chocolate chip cookie…

This is a sticky dough, involving two sticks of butter. Notice flour, oats, sugar, walnuts.

After shaping 20 dough balls, they chill overnight on a sheet in the fridge. Before baking, I pressed an extra five chocolate chips into the top of each already-chippy cookie. Smell them bake!

Big cookie balls = big cookie spread. I rotated my pans halfway through baking (16 minutes total). Indeed, these cookies bake “golden on the edges” and “soft in the middle.” Swoon.

Gooey and chocolatey, serious and fun at the same time. Win with these.

Let’s keep going. Next week, I’ll assemble the “6-Ingredient No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies,” from Half Baked Harvest. That’s right! I can’t be stopped. Come back to my site next week, for more.