Whipping egg whites is such a fun exercise. You get to those “soft peaks” and all is right in the world. I baked the “Amaretti Biscuits,” from A Baker’s House, and pleased everyone with these adorable cookies.

I admit, the chance to include Amaretto in my cookie batter was quite an incentive. I did indeed weigh my almond flour and superfine sugar and amaretto before I made cookie batter out of them.

Seventy cookies squeezed out of my ziplock bag. I baked them for 14 minutes, until “the bottoms just started to brown.”

Smell the almonds and the sweetness while these bake. And taste both as you bite into them. Chewy centers give you an extra reward. I tell you, my audience kept coming back for more.

Next time on Camille Cooks, I will showcase the special “cake of the month.” Come back next week to enjoy it with me.