Cherries and blueberries. I can’t stay away from them in July. This recipe from Half Baked Harvest showed me cute tarts with cutouts, filled with a boozy cherry-blueberry jam. Sure, I’ll try this.

I pitted my 4 cups of cherries as I added them to a medium pot, then baked them down for 10 minutes. When I added the cup of blueberries, the jam became dark purple.

Rather than bourbon, I added 2 Tbsp. of rye whiskey, which was a bit too boozy for this jam. I would consider using honey instead, next time. You’ll make 1½ cups of jam here, which is way too much (I’ll surely use the excess for a future recipe).

Let’s talk about the dough: flour, ground pecans, salted butter (add ¼ tsp. salt for each stick of unsalted butter), and ice water. The dough is forgiving and rolls out fine.

Now, pay attention to the size of the rectangles that you cut for your mini pies. You can roll and cut 14 tiny rectangles, 16 if you make cutouts and roll that extra dough too. But, I thought it was cuter to keep my cutouts (little hearts) and bake them along with the pies. In fact, I made sandwich cookies with some of the hearts, filling them with the jam.

These are tiny pie pockets, mind you, and it’ll be tricky to cut shapes into them. I made some bigger pockets in order to cut out my hearts.

Freezing the pies on their baking sheets before baking was a great way to make them very firm and unspreadable in the oven. I baked for 30 minutes, “until golden.”

Taste: pecan/buttery shortbread with the slightest touch of salt and crispy sparkling sugar.

Honestly, this fantastic dough deserves to be a cookie. I’d make sandwich cookies out of this dough, filled with the jam. Try for yourself.