Kolaczki” are holiday cookies in Poland. Karen’s Kitchen Stories shares a soft cookie that’s more like a pastry filled with jam. Cream cheese makes the cookies tender, a mere ⅓ cup sugar gives enough sweetness, and a single lemon provides 2 tsp. of zest.

After refrigerating the dough for four hours, I had a hard brick of dough. But once I took it out and rolled it, I could smell the lemon and cardamom.

Admitting my history with cookie-design panic, I did not preheat my oven. I waited until I rolled and filled this delicate dough, so I could remain calm and unpressured. If I were to heat my oven and heat my kitchen, I would have melted this wonderful dough.

The recipe, as published, makes 22 cookies, but I managed to make 30. Know that ⅛-inch-thick cookies are very thin. I generously filled with strawberry jam, folded, then baked for 14:30 minutes, until “lightly golden.”

Your eager audience will quickly eat these cookies, as delicious as a soft pastry.

Why not eat these holiday cookies year round? I know I will.