Here’s my first try with alfajores: a perfect cookie. That’s right. I made 20 delicate sandwich cookies, dazzled by butter, orange, creamy caramel (dulce de leche), and cocoa, thanks to Cuisine at Home.

First we assemble the dough, which interestingly includes as much cornstarch as it does flour. The dough is not too wet, nor too dry.

After refrigerating this dough, it rolls out fine once returned to room temperature. I cut cute squares from my rolled dough sheets. Bake for a bit more than 10 minutes, until “lightly golden.”

Now, for that wonderful filling. Remember my recent discovery of dulce de leche? It’s different from caramel (water + sugar), in that it’s a mix of milk and sugar. Creamy sweet. And to sandwich a cookie with this marvelous sticky cream is truly awesome. Buy it in a jar.

Do you want a perfect cookie? Well then make this one.