Did you know, the stickiest substance on the planet is melted marshmallow? I’ve learned this truth with hands-on experience. Sticky, sticky hands.

Say “mallomar” and you automatically see the iconic image: crumbly cookie topped with marshmallow topped with chocolate, shaped like a small hill. A two-bite cookie. Sigh at that memory. But now, you can make mallomars yourself. Really! Cookies & Cups dared me to do this.

Make the crumbly cookie batter with graham cracker crumbs. Bake 30 firm cookies in 9 minutes.

Then, sugar-syrup production becomes a careful exercise. In a deep saucepan, the bubbling sugar and corn syrup take a few minutes to reach the required 240 degrees. Whisk this into the dissolved gelatin in your stand mixer, and see marshmallow evolve. It’s quite extraordinary. You need “thick but not too thick.” The stiff white peaks remind me of pillowy whipped cream. But, no, no, no. Stick your finger in and feel the stickiest stuff ever. I squeal at sticky. I flinch and freak out.

Calm down and pipe this sticky stuff atop each baked cookie. A “low swirl” is really up to your own interpretation. I mean, we all know how high a mallomar should go, right? After swirling, be patient and wait for the marshmallow swirls to set. I waited more than 3 hours.

After that wait, melt the chocolate. I use a double boiler (rather than a microwave), then dip and swirl each cookie by hand. Don’t be afraid of this task. Just be careful with your fingertips in the hot chocolate. Sure enough, 12 ounces is the perfect amount of melted chocolate to coat 30 cookies.

As I set each dipped, finished cookie on the wire rack, I say out loud, “Hey, these look good,” congratulating myself with a bit of disbelief. Put them in the refrigerator to firm.

And the taste? Well, the flavor is silencing. Drool at each bite. Each layer of this cookie is distinct. It’s triple excitement. Thanks to the chocolate shell, it tastes like a chocolate bar.

Now, say “mallomar” to me and my mouth waters for these. Oh boy, I’ll do this again.