Well, here we go again. Always enticed by the “cookies & cream” combination, I’ll bake luxuriously soft chocolate chip cookies, cool and crumble them, press them into a pie dish, then cover them with sweetened creamy cheese. Wow.

Inspired by a recipe from Liv for Cake, I bake actual cookies with the dough, rather than baking in muffin tins as “cookie cups.” I bake the cookies for 15 minutes, until lightly brown.

Freshly baked (and cooled) cookies feel and look and taste so much better as a pie crust, rather than crumbling store-bought cookies, as is the typical time-saving technique. Here, our cookies are not an afterthought. They are brilliant on their own.

After whipping the heavy cream in a mixer bowl that I’ve iced in the freezer with the whisk, I fold in the sweetened cream cheese. Then, I pour the mousse on top of my pie crust, rather than piping it.

And how it looks like ice cream, yes? I swirl drops of Nocciolata into this sweet cream, instead of the chocolate sauce idea from the original recipe. I am so successful with all of this. Taste and experience these fantastic homemade cookie crumbs, with the creamy topping. It’s a win-win. Your admirers will keep coming back for more. Do it.