Coconut milk and dried hibiscus. These ingredients tempt me to bake donuts inspired by a recipe from The Yellow Butterfly. Soft and sweet.

How about we use coconut milk in a donut batter? This is cute, for a change, rather than using typical dairy milk.

Mix the batter by hand. Now, don’t get me wrong: my favorite kitchen appliance (after my coffee maker!) is my stand mixer. But let’s enjoy the hand-mix.

The batter is tan-colored, like peanut butter, due to the brown sugar.

Two tablespoons of jam in the batter (I use strawberry jam) is not enough jam for me. After I dollop my thick batter into 12 small donut wells, I add even more jam to the tops of each well. I bake for 10 minutes.

I admit, I am worried the donuts will get stuck in the ungreased wells after baking. Once baked, they do not pop out, but with a little coaxing and a small offset spatula, they do release in tact. The color of the nude donuts reminds me of the color of plain bagels.

Last year, I dabbled with dried hibiscus, and am eager to work with it again. Rather than steeping hibiscus tea here, I rehydrate dried hibiscus, to achieve the necessary pink color for the donut glaze. I swirl 5 tsp. of my hibiscus water into 1 cup of confectioner’s sugar.

So, here we are. Simple baked donuts with a sweet frosting. Our winning flavor is strawberry jam. This is our pleasure. Enjoy the jam.